Geelong's very own waterfront renewable energy source.


Our Vision

Geelong is Victoria's largest provincial centre and the state's fastest growing region. The wider population of some 278,000 residents is expected to rise to 398,000 by 2031. The vision for this project is to create a catalyst for city regeneration and promote this waterfront city as a clean-tech hub.

The Seadragon will be a striking and unique icon, bringing thousands of additional visitors to Geelong through tourism. It represents the transition to cleaner energy, by bringing renewable wind power right into the heart of Steampacket gardens. The design will showcase the work of local clean-tech manufacturers, creating jobs and confidence in this sector.

Key Features

  • Nine wind turbine masts.
  • Turbines transfer energy to a barrel which rotates the full length of the Seadragon
  • Small paddles fixed to the barrel make contact with the water on each rotation scooping water up and over it in a wave-like motion.
  • The speed at which the barrel turns varies with the wind
  • Power generated by the Seadragon could be used for events at Steampacket Gardens
  • Floating pontoon is relocatable.
  • Aluminium and Carbon Fibre construction
  • Boost tourism numbers to Geelong dramatically.


High resolution images are available for download. (19mb zip file).

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Click image to download